How to Share and Inbox with Another User

In this article we will explain how a Zimbra user can share their inbox with another user. This can be easily configured using the web user interface.

In our example, the domain name is and the two users (Zimbra mailbox accounts) are "info" and "marty".  Marty needs to access the incoming email in the "info" mailbox without logging out of their user account.

Here are the screenshots and instructions to complete the process. 

info Zimbra login screen
1. Login to your Zimbra server using the "info" account

Share your Inbox
2. Using the account with the username "info", right click on the inbox and select "Share Folder".  You can perform this share with any folder in Zimbra, including sub-folders in your INBOX, Contacts or Calendars.

Zimbra Share Properties
3. Start typing the name "marty" in the Email field. The server will autocomplete with a list of names ftom the Global Access List.  Select "Marty McFun" from the list. You have options on this screen that allow you to control other attributes of the Zimbra share feature. Allow Zimbra to send an email to the "marty" user. Select the Role (permissions) for Marty and then select OK. 

4. Logout of the "info" account.

Zimbra Login Screen
5. Login to the "marty" account. Click on the inbox and navigate to the "Share Created" email sent from the "info" account.

Accept Zimbra Share
6. Click the "Accept Share" button

Confirm the Share
7. Set the Name and the Color for the icon, and then click "Yes"

Shared Inbox
The process is complete and the Inbox from the user 'Info" can now be used from the "marty" account

If the user "marty" needs the ability to "Send As" the user "info", then please open a ticket for support.
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