VMware Virtual Private Servers

Select High Availability or HA with Fault Tolerance and All Flash Encrypted vSAN
  • Basic Virtual Machine

    From $13.00/mo
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    • Basic Virtual Machine
      Ideal for test beds and non mission critical workloads

      • up to 48 virtual CPUs at 2.8 GHz

      • up 128GB RAM

      • up to 100TB of Disk

      • up 1Gb of internet transit

  • HA VMware Virtual Machine

    From $23.00/mo
    $35.00 Setup Fee
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    • VM with High Availability, RAID or encrypted all flash vSAN

      VMware HA continuously monitors all servers in a resource pool and detects server failures. An agent placed on each server maintains a “heartbeat” with the other servers in the resource pool and a loss of “heartbeat” initiates the restart process of all affected virtual machines on other servers. VMware HA ensures that sufficient resources are available in the resource pool at all times to be able to restart virtual machines on different physical servers in the event of server failure.

  • HA VMware Virtual Machine with FT & encrypted all flash vSAN

    From $35.00/mo
    $35.00 Setup Fee
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    • Virtual Machine with enable Fault Tolerance and encrypted all flash vSAN

      VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance (FT) provides continuous availability (with up to four virtual CPUs) by creating a live shadow instance of a virtual machine that mirrors the primary virtual machine. If a hardware outage occurs, vSphere FT automatically triggers fail-over to eliminate downtime and prevent data loss. After fail-over, vSphere FT automatically creates a new, secondary virtual machine to deliver continuous protection for the application. Fully Encrypted Storage
Included With Every Plan
  • Works with Windows and Linux
  • Import Pre-built custom VMs
  • VMware Snapshots
  • Optional 10Gb NICs
  • Optional Microsoft Licenses
  • Optional Red Hat Entitlements
  • Optional Private Subnet(s)
  • Optional Backup and Restore Services
  • Additional Public IPs
  • Optional Professional Services
  • Optional Object-based storage
  • Optional NFS/SMB Storage