Using Secure Email Print

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1. Obtain an S/MIME email certificate from You may be prompted to create a password and type it in twice. Write this password down.

2. Download your certificate.

3. Navigate to Zimbra and Log in

4. Navigate to “Preferences” 


5. Navigate to “Secure Email”

6. Navigate to “Drag and Drop a certificate here” or “Browse to Certificate”


7. Find your downloaded certificate file and either browse for it or drop the file in the box. 

8. Enter the password given you entered on the SSLstore website and then click “Submit”

9. You should now have a cert associated with your email

10. If you will be sending email to someone who also has a certificate, send them an email using the “Sign” option first, from the drop down menu that says “Don’t Sign”

11. After sending them an email, you will now be able to send them encrypted emails, using the “Sign and Encrypt” feature

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