$45.00 USD

$35.00 Setup Fee
DigiCert - Quick SSL - S/MIME Class 1 Certificate for Zimbra Web Client
Protect your employees, partners and customers against phishing attacks, while also keeping hackers from reading your emails. DigiCert Class 1 S/MIME Certificate will apply your own cryptographic signature to emails so recipients can quickly verify the email is coming from you (and not a cyber-criminal). Plus, end-to-end encryption safeguards your email contents at all times to protect personal data, passwords trade secrets, and other sensitive information sent via email.
Class 1 means that you only need to get your domain or email address validated. This means that you can get your S/MIME certificate issued to you in minutes. You save time and money with a DigiCert Class 1 S/MIME Certificate. This is one of the most affordable S/MIME certificates on the market backed by the top CA in the world, DigiCert!
$65.00 USD

$35.00 Setup Fee
DigiCert S/MINE OV Certificate for Zimbra Web Client
Additional Security over the DigiCert Class 1 Certification including
- Organization Validation
- Icon Email Signing
- Icon Email Encryption
- Icon Document Signing
- Icon Certificate Authentication
- Icon Adobe-Supported
No (Use DigiCert DSC)
- Icon Device Licensing

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