VMware Virtual Private Servers and Desktops

Select High Availability (HA) or High Performance (HPC)
Boot Disk SAS
100% Complete
Initial Disk Size 16GB
100% Complete
Opt Disk SAS
100% Complete
Opt Disk Size up to 2TB
100% Complete
Incl. BW 1GB/mo
100% Complete
CPU Speed 1.9GHz
100% Complete
Incl. CPU cores 1
100% Complete
Incl. RAM 1GB
100% Complete
High Availability VMware Virtual Machine Price From $15.80/mo
$35.00 USD Setup Fee
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Included With Every Plan
  • Works with Windows and Linux
  • Import Pre-built custom VMs
  • Nessus Scans
  • Optional Microsoft Licenses
  • Optional Red Hat Entitlements
  • VMware Snapshots
  • Optional vShield Edge Firewall
  • Optional vShield Edge VPN Tunnel
  • Optional vShield Edge NAT
  • Optional Private Subnet(s)
  • Optional Backup and Restore Services
  • Additional Public IPs
  • Optional Netsparker Scans
  • Optional Professional Services
  • Optional Solaris
  • Optional Object-based storage
  • Optional NFS Storage
  • Optional 10Gb NICs