What is a Virtual Data Center

OSSDS is a certified vCloud Powered Service Provider. We operate a public cloud in New Mexico based on VMware vCloud Director.


What is vCloud Director?

VMware vCloud Director is VMware's Cloud Orchestration software platform. vCloud Director is a platform that provides customers with secure access to control, manage and provision their own cloud environments on the OSSDS public cloud infrastructure hosted in our data center. vCloud allows OSSDS to allocate cloud resources to your organisation in high level blocks.


Benefits of a Virtual Data Center:

                 + True Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)

                 + No hardware or software investment

 + No long-term commitments

 + Pay As You Go Model

 + Advanced high-availability, I/O and workload balancing features

 + Secure self-provisioning via web portal & API

 + Easily scale up CPU, RAM and Storage resources

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