Articles for Zimbra Administrators 5

Resources for admins that manage a domain in our ZImbra servers you their own hosted Zimbra server

How to configure your Apple iPhone or Google Android Device to connect to your Zimbra Server 4

How to articles for connecting your mobile device using Microsoft Exchange (aka ActiveSync), IMAP or POP

Zimbra Help for Web Client Users 5

Articles about access and using the Zimbra Web Client

Zimbra Plugin for Outlook 1

Resources for Zimbra users using Outlook for Windows


 How to Use Zimbra Zimlets

Zimlets™ - A Mechanism for Integrating Disparate Information Systems and Content with the Zimbra...

 Mac Mail IMAP Setup

They were used to configure email on a Mac running 10.10.1. 1: Open Mail and add a new mailbox...

 Restore Zimbra Email

Our email system keeps deleted items for 30 days after they are deleted.  You can recover email...

 Zimbra 101: Video Tutorials for Zimbra Collaboration Server

Video TutorialsZimbra is an email software with a many layers of functionality. We strongly...

 Zimbra Webinars

Please click here to access the latest webinars from Zimbra. You can also cut and paste this...